Friday, June 12, 2009

Dear Hudson Storm Guardian Angel

Please do not retire. I know my boys have already met their quota on times they could be rescued before the age of 18. I apologize for how many times you have used your super flight mode and swooped down out of the sky just in time to grab our Thunder as he was about to fall from the very top of all the trees he so loves to climb, and Lightning as he was just about to make it over the privacy fence and escape into the open neighborhood.

Thank-you for being there the time Lightning did actually escape, through the front door as we were completely unaware of his new dead-bolt unlocking skills at age 19 months, and had our retired neighbor just happen to walk by his window to see that precious 1 1/2 year old alone in the street. How embarrassing it was to have Mr. Stan ring our door bell and ask, "Are you missing one?" But how very relieved I was to have my baby back in my arms. Alive.

We are grateful for the times you forced Hail to spit out the plethora of strange objects that have gone into his mouth, just before choking to death. For the times you caused him to vomit after too much liquid dish detergent was ingested while I had my back turned, putting the groceries away. And for the time Hail ate the whole book of matches, we are appreciative that you nudged him to crawl in front of me, his chin bright red with flammable drool.

And again today, Dearest Guardian Angel, I thanked GOD for assigning you to our family. Your quick response to our children at the park while enjoying the beautiful weather and the company of our Friday Playgroup, could never be re-payed. Thunder had the bright idea to go into a storage shed in the batting cages, along with his trusty side-kick, Lightning, and their two best friends, and close the door behind them. The handle was broken off the door, and somehow it automatically locked all four children in the dark, extremely hot storage shed. How we heard their muffled cries for help was, I'm sure, your doing. The mothers I love so much were making me laugh very hard, as they always do with funny stories and jokes about our husbands, so for us to have heard their tiny voices, locked inside the building, was only part of your favor. Thank-you so much for keeping whatever bugs, spiders and bees that normally find this shed a humble abode, away from our wild children. Thank-you for getting Bert and a good friend who works for the City there very quickly to set our near heat stroked babies free. And then, for keeping their little faces less than one inch away from the metal door as it was busted down. I will never forget how their red-heads looked, drenched with sweat, and oh so happy to see their Momma. Then, not so happy to see their Daddy as he took them "behind the shed" to serve as a reminder of the danger in the bad decision they made.

And, we thank-you for the countless times we are unaware when you have stepped in and saved them, before harm came to them.

Dear GOD, thank-you for assigning such a fast acting and caring Guardian Angel to our family. Please give him a bonus this year. He probably never sleeps or gets to finish a meal without being paged about an incident concerning the Hudson Storm. Thank-you for protecting us and blessing us as You do.


Nikki McElroy said...

Oh, Holly!! Yikes! So glad everyone is okay. Hope Bert did an extra good job in the lesson- teaching so that yours can dissuade mine from doing something similar!

Allison said...

Dear Holly and Bert,
THANK YOU for inviting me to come to your home. I have always had a love for storms, but the HUDSON STORM has got to be my all-time favorite!
Please say hello to Hail, Thunder, Lightening and Her Highness for me!

I love you!

Dana said...

Are you sure it's only one guardian angel? Sounds like you might have a whole host :). Emma got out the front door when she was three. I caught her across the street "checking the mail". She couldn't sit down for a while after that one. I also had the number to poison control memorized for a while. What doesn't kill them makes them stronger right?

Kiera said...

Bless their little hearts. Made my stomach hurt just thinking about it. I'm sure I will be calling you very soon to say... "has this ever happened..." Cause I'm sure Tyler is headed right behind them in the getting into everything column and I will just need reassurance! Love you friend! Thanks for leading the pack! ;)

The Hills said...

I heard about this outing...Bert came by the office and borrowed a screw driver from Collin. I think the Guardian Angel protects Mommies too (from having a heart attack during these situations)!!!

Dixie said...

So glad they were able to bust the door down and get those precious ones before they passed out,and fortunately without knocking one of them out! I pray every night that God keeps his angels hovering around your crew!
Love, Dixie

Supabloggasuprememama said...

Oh my goodness! Im so glad everyone is okay! bless them! and YOU!!!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

ps isn't tomorrow your big day??? I'll be checking baaaaccckkkkk.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear what the newest addition is!! I've been thinking about you guys today!

McKinney Madness said...

All it takes is me imagining Bert busting down that door and wearing them out to make me burst into laughs!! I'm SO glad they were okay, but you guys make such the perfect pair... you definitely keep me laughing! Love you guys!