Thursday, June 4, 2009

Funny or Sad?

-We keep a box of baby wipes on the counter next to the toilet-- well, for obvious reasons. Every time Her Highness needs to go, she first grabs a wipe out of the box and then wipes the entire seat. She does this even when the seat appears clean. Funny or sad that living with four males has taught a five year old girl this lesson already?

-Several times a day, Lightning will walk to me with a sippy cup and say in his husky little voice, "Momma, dis is ode (old) or fresh?" He's not yet three years old and knows he should probably ask before taking a drink. Funny? Ridiculously sad? Both?

-A couple of times a week I will have to wash the same load of clothes twice because I forget to put it in the dryer before going to bed. I hate the smell of musty clothes. Earlier this week, I washed the same load THREE times before remembering to put it in the dryer. I don't even have to ask... this is just plain SAD.

-Thunder has several imaginary best friends that are a major part of our family. We hear all kinds of fun and crazy stories about these characters. Funny or sad that many of the stories are about their Moms dying tragic deaths? We also hear about their Moms going to jail for various reasons... I'm getting a little worried.

-Funny or sad that these two are the reason I spend most nights on the couch?

Last one, funny or sad... The back of my van is always filled with totally random items: Her Highness' dance costumes/t-ball gear/groceries/toys/old french fries/lawn chairs/leashes for the boys/coloring books/melted crayons....


The Hills said...

Funny...or Sad...I do the same thing with laundry and I only have 1 child! So, I would say you are doing good and it's sad that I'm not ;)

Kiera said...

I think it's all funny ;) Love you!

Jimmy said...

Haha, I don't know! I've had my blog for three years, and I'm totally obsessed with keeping up with yours!!! You're even on my "blogs I like" tab - did you catch that?

I love you so much, too!!! And, I MISS YOU!!! I'm so upset that we grew so far apart - let's not do it again, okay????

I can't wait to see you! And, I can't wait until June 24th!!!! Tell Lucy that I'm praying that she gets a baby sister, too! &=D


Dixie said...

Funny, definitely not sad, and just shows how much fun your fam has!

Love, Dixie
p.s. Anyways,who could keep up with 4 to 8, or more, sippy cups a day?