Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wan's Wisdom

Her Highness and I love getting pedicures. We only frequent the nail salon during the spring and summer months, so I don't feel too bratty about it all.

Recently, one of the male Vietnamese manicurist was working on my feet. It had rained for several days straight, and while Wan was scrubbing away the stress of cabin fever with the Hudson Storm, the sun suddenly appeared.

Me: "Ahhh! The SUN! Finally."

Wan: "What? You no like da rain?"

Me: "Well, I have three boys, behind her (motioning to Her Highness in the chair next to me) so being stuck inside with wild little guys is NO FUN. They're the type of boys who have to go outside everyday and run."

Wan: "Why dey can't goes even if it rains?"

Me: "Well, they can if it's just raining. But, lately it's been storming too much."

Wan: "So! What dat matta?"

Me: "They could get struck by lightning! And killed!"

Wan: "In Vietnam, it so hot dat even if it stormin' de kids all still go outdoors. No matta what. We no have dis air conditioning and tvs and stuff for entertainment of de kids. Besides, lightning only strike you if yous by a big building or big tree. Right?"

Me: "No, lightning can still strike, even if you're not by a big building." I say laughing.

Wan: "Okay, so if yous go outside and play, you might can get hit by dat lightning. If you stay insides, your Mama gonna kill yous for sure. So, I take my chances. I play in de storms no matta what. I still here. I fine. You send your boys outsides."

Wan earned a big tip that day for making me laugh so hard.


Jimmy said...

Holly, that was, by far, the best advice I've ever heard! I have been laughing my butt off about that! Those Easterners - man, if we could reason like them, we'd be friggin' geniuses! Yet, we're stuck inside, because we're afraid of the lightning!

Haha, she's freaking awesome! I mean, seriously. She's great. &=)

The Hills said...

Too funny! I had a discussion about wedding festivities one day while getting a pedicure. Very interesting differences in Veitnamese and American weddings. Ask about it next time!

McKinney Madness said...

Are you sure you don't speak Vietnamese? ha ha ha!! Wan definitely has some wisdom for sure!

Dana said...

Oh my gosh, I seriously have tears. What great advice and what a great portrayal. You crack me up!