Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thank-you, Luigi, but our Princess is in another castle!

To truly be in the right frame of mind for this post, do yourself a favor: turn up your speakers then click here.

Yes, that's an old school Nintendo controller in Lightning's hands.

Bert brought his old one home, the last time he made a trip down to see his Mother. The only games that work are Super Mario, Duck Hunt and Legend of Zelda. The only game the kids want to play 24/7 would be "Mario and Wu-ligi."

It's incredible how much WASTED brain space I have for that game. I had not touched a controller in at least 15 years, and the second I picked it up, my mind was flooded with useless knowledge. The children were amazed by my speed and accuracy. "MOMMA! How do you make Mario run sooooo fast?! How do you know when to jump, even before the bad guys get there?! You're so much better than Daddy!" The last part is what I like hearing the most. Bert spent very little time on Mario Brothers, and invested his hours on end in the all important sports games.

My sisters and I held many a Mario Tournament. All three of us knew where every single extra life, bonus coin world, and warp zone could be found. Somedays, if we were really up to the challenge, we would play "no warp zones" to see which of us was truly the best player.
I'm not trying to brag. But, us Maynard girls saved the Princess more than a time or two!

Fast forward 15 years.... I can no longer memorize important details, such as my children's social security numbers or the phone number to the preschool. Only on a good day can I recite each of their dates of birth to a receptionist while scheduling an appointment. I can't recall a single detail about the periodic table, and I have no idea what I will do when it's time to help Her Highness with algebra in a few years. But Honey, if you need help getting to a bonus world on Super Mario or need an extra life since you're down to only one man left, on level six, I'm the girl to call!

Oh, what a waste.


Dana said...

LOL, this is so funny. Adam and I bought some of those controllers that plug into the TV and have old school videos on them when Emma was a baby. Every night, we'd put her to bed and then have a dual. I was the exact same way.

I can actually remember friends numbers from when I was in high school. In fact, I think yours was something like 7767. But, I had to have all of Chloe's records at her ped office changed because I filled out her papers saying she was born in July instead of August! Lots of wasted space in my head!.

Kiera said...

It's so not a waste... That's my favorite game Evvva!! Me and my sisters had the same tournaments and even 2 years ago for Christmas each got a nintendo type thing that had all of those old games on it and we played for hours!!! Did you know that you can google clues and keys to help you get all the matching cards right... I LOVE it! It's definitely worth the brain space! Love you!

Holly said...

Dana, that's incredible!! Yes, that was/still is my parents number! I have some numbers still upstairs as well. Blah. Oh, to be young again and fill my brain with the important stuff!

Kristy said...

Loving this one. I have brain space for Mario too... and every phone number I ever knew before the day of cell phones... but when I was making Addison's birthday invitations, I put the date as August instead of September... What does that say about me? GAH!

Runnin' Mommy said...

I have spent some of my precious sleeping time updating myself on your blog. I have been laughing out loud! There have been so many times when I wish my fortune cookie could have warned me about something that was to happen! And I was just telling Collin the other day that I heard the familiar music of Super Marion Bros. Glad to know you still have it!!!
: )

Supabloggasuprememama said...

oh but what good times! we totally had tourneys too. I totally beat zelda. its my claim to fame.