Monday, May 25, 2009

Any Joseph's out there?

I love when all four of my bed-head-red-heads wake up at the same time. Seriously, I do. They all like to cuddle when they first wake up, and insist I sit down and hold them, so it actually helps speed up our morning ritual if they all pile on top of me on the couch. After a few minutes, a couple of them will usually start to feel claustrophobic and want to go to the other couch, which means we have to un-pile, so I use that opportunity to slip off and refill my coffee cup. This morning, however, was a "dream morning" so the cuddle time lasted quite a while...

Thunder: "Momma, I had three good dreams last night."

Her Highness: "Oh, yeah, me too! Mine first! Mine first!"

Lightning: "No, I go first. I had a bad dream, so I go first."

Thunder: "I talked about it first so me, then you, then you last."


Me: "Thunder first... go."

Thunder: "The first one was about me and a goat. But it wasn't a goat. It was a duck. It was a brown duck and he was chasing me. Then I turned around and it was a lizard... on a rainbow. And the lizard was my friend. So, I tried to give him some cheese crackers, but he just wanted to ride on a train. So we did. Up the rainbow we went!...."

I have to admit, since all the kids were listening intently to his story, I changed the channel from Dora to The Today Show and quit listening at this point because Thunder's stories can last a LONG time.

Thunder: "Then, it was over. The end."

Her Highness: "Okay, my turn."

Thunder: "No, I said I had THREE good dreams. I'm not done."

I quickly shut him down, allowing Her Highness to precede with her dream, and said we would come back later to his other two. Her Highness usually has very colorful dreams, as you might imagine, and told some story about being a fairy and flying over pink cities and then flying to Heaven and sitting on a cloud with Jesus. She's such a sweet girl.

Lightning (his husky voice has double the husk in the early morning= so cute to me): "My turn. Mine is bad. Der was bugs on me. And den, der was spiders."

His bad dreams always involve insects crawling.

Lightning: "Den, I can not find my passie. Dat's all."

Thunder: "That's not even scary. Just knock the bugs off next time. Now, back to my other dreams... The next dream I got on a plane with my friends and a puppy dog. I flew the plane to the park. It was fun. All my friends were glad I knew how to fly a plane. And how to get to the park...."

I switched to Regis and Kelly for a moment.

Hail interrupting with: "MY TURN! MY TURN! MY TURN!!!!"

All the kids: "Okay, okay! Go!"

Hail with a huge grin: "I wanna watch Zoo Train!" (It's a generic Baby Einstein video that was seriously filmed in some one's living room with a home recorder. I bought it at the dollar store a couple of years ago and have definitely gotten my dollars worth -all one of them. All of our kids have loved it at one time or another.)

As I was sticking Zoo Train into the VCR for the millionth time, I thought about my dreams from the night before. You see, I have somewhat of a recurring dream, or more of a recurring theme in my dreams. At least three times a month I will dream that I am back in high school. Right there at good ol' SHS I can be found, hamming it up with all my old friends. There is an old boyfriend (who shall remain nameless) who always tries to kiss me. Sometimes we are in Coach House's chemistry class, sometimes we are in P.E. It doesn't matter what's going on, this guy always comes up and tries to start a conversation that always leads to kissing. Sometimes he succeeds, and I do actually kiss him. Sometimes, I laugh and walk away before the kiss happens. But, here's the kicker: In ALL of these dreams, no matter what the high school setting, I know that I have HER HIGHNESS!! And it's not weird to anyone. I'm the captain of the Dance Line with a FIVE YEAR OLD DAUGHTER. Bert's sometimes in my dreams, but not usually. And the boys are never in the picture. Just me, my old high school gang, some teachers and the old boyfriend trying to make-out + my five year old. Though, she's never actually a part of my dream, it's just, I'm always thinking, "Oh, I need to go pick up Her Highness from ballet/gymnastics/school." WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN??? Seriously, I have the recurring themed dream several times a month... for years now. What am I supposed to take from it? Any dream interrupters out there wanna take a stab at it?


Supabloggasuprememama said...

your kids smoke weed behind the house when you aren't looking. ;)

Dixie said...

I have no idea besides, she must be your little Jiminy Cricket, even in your dreams. ha!