Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hudson Milestones

Each member of the Hudson Fam has recently reached a new milestone. These may not be considered typical milestones to most, but important to us, non the less.

Her Highness will graduate from kindergarten this week.
And, she finally has long enough hair to rock the side pony-tail.

Thunder taught himself how to use my camera and take very important pictures such as these.

He is a wonderful big brother and is helping his little bros to make "good choices."

Hail has conquered the human language and can now embarrass the stew out of his parents with rude comments in public. He proudly lets others know when "dey mells tinky" (they smell stinky) while holding his nose. I spend much of my day feeling like a pirate with a parrot on my hip, instead of my shoulder. Hail loves to mimic words from those around him, usually choosing a word from the middle of the sentence instead of the end. Example: Bert may say, "You guys are in so much trouble." Hail will mimic, "So much." I might be heard saying, "What is wrong with you boys??" Hail will copy, "Wrong! Wrong!" The kid's a nut.

Lightning has fallen hard for his first true love. We shall refer to her as "Crash" because she is truly the female version of Lightning. Precious in every way, but bold as a lion if you dare cross her. Opposites usually attract, but not in this case. Lightning and Crash are two peas in a pod. They both have husky little voices and loud belly laughs that sound as if they only breathe second hand smoke throughout the day. They love each other very much. Mixed emotions are felt when they take up for one another. Sweet to watch them defend their love, but sad for the kid who gets the snot beat out of him. They sit together at all the t-ball games and have meaningful conversations about tasting each others suckers and the effects it could have:

Lightning: "Hey, take dat sucka outta your mouf. I gotta talk to you."
Crash: "What do you need?"
Lightning: "I wanna try your sucka."
Crash: "No, if you try mine, you will turn into a girl and if I try yours, I will turn into a boy."
Lightning: "Oh, no. Dat not gonna happen to me! I stay a boy! You keep it."
Crash belongs to my best friend, so we enjoy the relationship, and the possibility that we may share grandchildren someday.
Bert has reached a huge milestone in the husband department. He recently helped me fold this mountain of clothes and put them away. Actually, we had already folded a bunch before he took this pic. He is a huge help around the house and with the kids. I love and appreciate him more now than ever. Oh, ignore the crazy hair and no make-up face please.
Which brings me to our next milestone: Second trimester in Cinco's pregnancy. I am now eating a whole hoagie for a "snack."
Starving. Always. Morning sickness= officially gone. Big Momma= officially here. I can't wait to hear what the work-up nurse has to say about my weight gain at my next appointment. So far, I gained the most weight with Thunder. 70lbs. True story. And at one visit the 250lb nurse said, "Now remember, the more weight you gain during your pregnancy, the harder it will be to lose afterwards." I was still less than 200lbs with a 70lb gain. I wish so badly that I had said, "You MUST know from experience." And, by the way, I lost all of that weight and then some before I got knocked up with Lightning, and to be honest, it wasn't that hard. I haven't gained near as much with the other two since him though. Since the morning sickness (aka: ALL DAY sickness) has finally subsided, I am now craving all things with extra carbs. Looks like another 70 lbs in the making! I'm now waiting for that second trimester energy to show up. One of the many myths you read about in books like "What to Expect..." I should write a book entitled "What to REALLY Expect When Expecting." The sequel will be, "What Not to Say When Your Wife/Life Partner is Expecting." Sorry, I have to be politically correct so to sell as many copies as possible and become Bert's Suga Momma that he's always dreamed of having. Then he can sell his practice and try-out for the PGA.

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Supabloggasuprememama said...

LAUGHING out loud at the weight bit. It makes me feel way better to know you gained 70 cause girl I feel like I am PACKING them on. With abandon. wreckless donut indulging abandon. UGH.