Thursday, May 28, 2009

Countdown to The Big Reveal

It's no secret... Her Highness really, really, really, really (add 84 more) wants a baby SISTER. I have two wonderful sisters that I am extremely close to, and always have been, so I would love for her to experience that relationship. However, being an adult, I also know that we aren't in control of these things, and a boy would be just as much of a blessing to us. Her Highness still does not understand this, and for the life of me, I can't understand why....

Yesterday, Bert and I were having a discussion about a friend of ours who recently had a baby. It went something like this:

Me: "If you go by Russell's office today, ask about Casey's baby."

Bert: "Oh, I already did. They had a picture there. Everything went good. Casey's doing fine and the baby was in the seven pound range, I think. It's a pretty baby."

Her Highness: "Did she have a boy or a GIRL?"

Me: "It was girl and they named her Anne Catherine. Isn't that sweet?"

Her Highness: "Ahhhhh! Momma! EVERYBODY is having girls right now!"
Me: "It seems like that, doesn't it."

Her Highness: "BUT, ahhh, what if they run out of girls! What if ALL the girls get born and they run out??? And then we get stuck with ANOTHER BOY!!!!"

We're trying. We are. But, how do you explain to a five year old that life will go on, and she will eventually learn to love another brother? Time will only tell. Our ultra-sound is scheduled for June 24th. We're a dramatic family, so we've decided to have the technician write down the sex of the baby and seal it in an envelope. Then, we're going to dinner as a family and letting Her Highness open it and announce it. We're calling it "The Big Reveal." So, if she opens the envelope and squeals and jumps up and down, we'll know it's a girl. If she burst into tears and runs out of the room, we'll know it's a boy. Either way, it should make for some good home video footage.


Kiera said...

Awesome!! I would LOVE for you to put that video on the blog... I really want to see it! That's going to be great! Can't wait! Love you girl!!

Dixie said...

Oh my goodness! It could be the best or worst meal she ever has. Just make sure and have her dinner favorites that night. ha! I can't wait! Either way I will be happy, easy for me to say. :) Guess me and your other pals will know what the sex is by whether we get a phone call that night, or not. ha!

Always supportive,
p.s. Counting down the days.... 27

Tesney said...

For your sake...I hope it's a girl. Wait...maybe a boy...I mean, could you handle another drama queen? :) Hey, I accidentally rejected your comment on my blog. Just wanted to explain so you wouldn't think I did it on was a slip of the finger on the keyboard. Boo.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

caaaannnnt wait!!!!! so sweet! love the bootay shot!!!!

Dana said...

Oh I can't wait!

We had these same sort of discussions with Emma. Of course, her longing for a baby sister wasn't multiplied by three little boys in between. But, I was concerned about what a baby brother would do to her faith since she had her preschool class praying for a baby sister. Thankfully, God helped me out with that one.

But, she had already figured out what we would do in the situation of having a boy, "then we'll give it to someone that wants a boy and try again".

Whew.. Glad it was a girl. I'm a toilet hugger when I'm pregnant!

Jessa Mullen said...

those pictures of your boys CRACK me UP !! I know that whatever sex God gives you will be perfect for your family. Ya'll are VERY blessed to have so many angels !!

Jimmy said...

That GIRL! I swear, Holly - you know how wild we were growing up...but that one? She's absolutely got it all! She's a complete drama queen / performer (YES, just like her mama!), and I LOVE it!

You have the world's most beautiful family. I'm so happy for you, and I can't wait to meet them all. Tell them their Aunt Jimmy loves them! And, tell Bert to kiss your belly for me!


Shekinah Glory said...

Girls rule... but boys do too! I'm so happy for you & the latest addition to the Hudson storm, Holl-Boll. Wind? Rainbow? I love you.