Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Final Days of My Youth

I turned the Big 2-9 last week.

Many have told me to enjoy this year, for next I am officially a grown-up. That's funny to me though, seeing as how I've been married for nearly eight years, will have baby #5 in a few short months, and I have a child in the first grade now. But, I guess having those items checked off still doesn't qualify me as a "grown-up."

I'm really not scared of 30. Both my parents have been wonderful examples in how to age gracefully. My Mom never once winced or whined when we would ask her age. It does take her a minute to tell you, because she has to do the math in her head. "Well, let's see..." she'll say. "I was born in ..... so that would make me...." My Mother is still a hair virgin, meaning she's never once colored her hair. We gray early, too, so that is truly a testament to her outlook on age. Many times she would say during my teenage years, as she would point to sections of her hair, "This gray streak is from Matt. This side is a little from Nick. But ALL THIS (pointing to the rest of her head) is ALL from HOLLY." Thanks, Mom. She still had a little dark color back then, for the twins to finish off, which they did. I think her hair is beautiful, as is she.

It is my hope, that someday I too can teach my children what life and aging are really all about. That growing up is a blessing, not a curse. Aging gracefully is more important than looking young. Having fun with the blessings God has given to you is a better way of life than regretting that your babies no longer need you on a daily basis. Thank-you, Mom & Dad, for teaching me such important life lessons.

I had a wonderful 29th birthday. The day before, I was treated to a day at the lake with one of my best friends and her sweet children. They surprised me with a birthday cake that said, "Happy Day Before Your Birthday!" The children enjoyed it as much as I did, I'm sure.

We spent the entire day swimming, boating and relaxing in the beautiful sun.

The next day, Bert and I took all of our kids to our local water park. Bert and the three bigger kids spent much of the time climbing the tower and riding the "big slides." While Hail and I spent the majority of our time in the kiddie park and splashing in the lazy river. We had promised the kids all summer we would go, and it just so happened that was the last chance we were going to have before school started. The kids really believed we went just for my birthday. Each said at different times, "Mommy!!! This is the FUN-EST PARTY EVER!" As we were leaving, Lightning said, "Oh, NO! Momma! We forgot to open your presents!" Sweet boy.

So far, 29 has been a great year. Bring it on, 30!!!


The Hills said...

I'm with you sister! I am not scared of 30...just thankful to make it there! I'm not far behind you...turn 2-9 in March! Happy Belated Birthday!

Shannon and Andrew said...

I turned 30 a week and a half ago. It's really not a big deal. The older I get the more blessed I feel. Someone told me once about his kids, "every age is the best age if you remember to enjoy it with them." I've tried to apply that to my kids and my life. Every age can be the best. Enjoy this year!!! and Happy Belated B-day!!

Dana said...

Being one of your old followers at 31, I will say that the 30's have been my favorite so far. Not too old but old enough to feel like you have some clout. Besides, if 40 is the new 20, that only makes me 11. I think. Not so good at math unless there are dollar signs in front of it.

On a serious note, very good point about aging. I could go on and on about this struggle for women and how I have to fight the struggle myself. But, I'm going to refrain from taking over your blog in the comment section. So, I will just say, I think you reflect your mom's good example. You were always one of those girls that I considered pretty but could care less whether you were or not. You also knew that you were smart and that you had lots more to offer than just your looks. Attributes that aren't all that common for pretty girls. That's what I want my girls to be.

Thanks for touching on this subject that so many of us need to hear!