Monday, August 17, 2009

Poor, Name-less Child...

How many weeks are you??

Do y'all have a name yet??

-The two most dreaded questions for a Mom of more than one child.
Well, for this Momma anyway.

Being asked about how many weeks along I am causes my heart to beat faster, my mind to race, and my mouth to dry out a little. Much like the time I skipped three history classes in a row, freshman year, to go to the lake, only to return and learn an exam was being given. BUSTED! I feel bad enough every time I call to schedule an appointment with the doc/dentist and the receptionist asks, "What's the date of birth?" "Ummm, let's see here... No, he was born in November... Ummm... Wait, no she was the one born in '03.... Hmmmm, I mean seriously, how many Hudson Storms could you possible have in your system??? Just file it on that kid's insurance. Stop making me feel so bad!"
I have issues.
So, I'm now side-tracking that question with the exact answer... "I'm due November 24th."

Next: We need some help with a NAME!!!
It's here that I owe my Grandmother, may she rest in peace, my sincerest apology:

Dearest Banny,
(Sidenote, her kids tried to make the first grandchild call her Granny, cause she didn't want to be called that, but it came out Banny, and that's what stuck.)
I am truly sorry for thinking ill of you for a short stint of time during my adolescent years after learning my Mother had no middle name. Even though she is number six, of seven children, and number five of six girls, I still thought you should have given her SOME middle name. Even if you didn't like it. I joyfully named her myself, Diane, since she had to sign all her checks, report cards, etc with a "D" for her maiden name. I thought her life was so un-fulfilling until the day I named her. For it wasn't until that day, that she could walk with her head held high and proudly tell the world, she too had a middle name. And, since my middle name is your name, I thought it only fitting that my Mother get to enjoy such a necessity in life.
It is now, Sweet Banny, that I understandingly take back my Mother's middle name and force her to go back to using her maiden name "D."
I had no idea of the brain-storming sessions that must have occurred to simply come up with a first name for your last two children. Especially after naming so many of the same sex. Please forgive me of all my sour thoughts on this matter. And, just so you know, I didn't hold a grudge too long, for Her Highness proudly carries your name as well, though, it is her middle name.

Love Always Until We Meet Again,
One of your Favorite Grandchildren to watch from Above

Now that I've gotten that off my chest... For real, we need help. We have used family names for all the other kids, so that's part of our problem. Sorry to both our Grannies, but our choices left for grand-father names are Homer and Azel. Don't think we'll be using either this go round. The boys have come up with some interesting ones as well... Blue Power Ranger, Batman and Joker... just to name a few.
Her Highness now parrots my response when someone asks the dreaded name question, "Well, we had a bunch of girl names, but we're out of boy ones. OUT!" She'll say, exasperated.

My girl names included Mary-Kate which is my sisters' middle names combined... (no pressure there, girls! I'm just saying, if I was having another girl, she would have been named after the two of you, but no pressure if you end up having girls...) And several others that I thought were really sweet. So, if any of you ladies out there who are preggers with a girl need help with the name game, give me a call!

I really don't mean to sound too bratty, for we are extremely thrilled about this baby. Four boys is going to be a blast. I just hope he survives in such a wild household:

While it tickles me that our children love to hold and entertain babies so much, it worries me a little too... How in the world will I ever take a shower or leave a baby in a bouncy seat to load the dishwasher? I guess I just won't load the dishwasher and will have to take a few more "whore baths" than I will want to admit. Maybe one of these would come in handy....

Without a giant cage on hand, I'm preparing myself for a lot of this...

It's survival of the fittest in this house, combined with whoever's loudest, wins. Good times, good times. Bless you, Baby #5. Bless you.


Shekinah Glory said...

You take showers?

foxy said...

Holly, I must say, I am addicted to your blog. I found it when you joined facebook, and now check it daily. I only have one little girl, and she is a handful. I have no idea how you juggle 4 with one on the way. I know you are a wonderful mom (just look at your's....she is great!), but wanted to let you know, you are in my prayers daily. Especially since you posted the "Whimscial beds, a game played just like musical chairs...". "Dear Lord, please give Holly one night of uninterrupted sleep". Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your humor and to please keep them coming.

April McMillon Fox.

The Hills said...

Hmmm...let me think. I do think you are right in not going with either family name you have left though!!! We have the same problem with Grandmother names...Ada and Myrtle Francis...YUCK! I'll get back to you and pray for Baby #5 :)

Jill Aston said...

Too bad you weren't having a girl. You could have combined the too names into Hazel, ha!! Who knew picking out names was such an event. Our list of boy names seems endless, I'll have to go find the list and email it to you.

Holly said...

Welcome to the insanity! Glad you've enjoyed reading. And thank-you for your sweet prayer... it worked! Night before last all the kids slept through the night. Of course, I still had to pee 27 times, but I'll take it! Take care, Holly

Holly said...

I actually LOVE the name Ada! Oh, that's cute. For real.

Jill, Hazel is hilarious, for the reason you mentioned. And seriously, please do e-mail me your list of boy names. I'm not joking. We're drawing a blank.

Shannon and Andrew said...

I also have a whole list of girls names we never got to use. We had some great one picked out too. I hear you on the family names we're now left with Grover, Harry, Iran, and Cicero (spelling????). We did have Brooks, which I love, but my Dad asked me not to name my kids after his dad. Other then Brooks a few that I had were: Alex, James, Stephen and Aaron.

Good luck!! We also have such a hard time picking boy names. I know it can't get any easier with the fourth. If you're having a problem with a middle name you could always use Maynard.

Holly said...

Shannon, two of the four names you mentioned at the end have already been used!!! How funny is that??

Mommy said...

Maybe I should bring the "50,000 Baby Names" book to you that you gave ME when I was pregnant with Emma. : ) You are so funny! Who needs coffee when they can wake up and ready your hilarious blog! Okay, maybe YOU still need coffee but you provide me with a fun way to wake up! Thanks. Seriously, I will bring you the book.

Hippy Long Stockings said...

You load the dishwasher???

Jimmy said...

That's so funny, because I have my perfect girl name picked out, but I can't think of a boy one! I liked Randall Gibson, but that was some jerk I dated. And, I still like Aaron, but that's my ex-husband...SHEESH!

*storytelling voice*
Somewhere in my stash of crap, exists a piece of paper of fabled knowledge, on which is written a list of names - names so extraordinary, you...oh, whatever. It was a bunch of names I liked when I was younger! Now, I can't think of ANY!

Great. I was watching the Simpsons, but now I have to go make up new fictional baby names! Thanks, Holly! &=D

ps. I'll let you know if I come up with anything stellar! Good luck!