Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Her Highness, The Calm Before The Storm

While chatting it up with some good friends over the weekend, it was brought to my attention that Her Highness' blog name doesn't go with the meteorology flow. Of course, I have to mention here that this little detail was pointed out by a man. (Not trying to knock you here, Todd, but it's pertinent.)
It has been suggested we change Her Highness' blog name to something more "weathery."
And while Her Highness is a drama queen diva....

She's definitely not destructive, which means she's not a true member of The Hudson Storm.
Her Highness is my little momma: bossy, loving, nurturing, confident and sweet. She's got a huge heart, is a big rule follower, and tries her best no matter what she's doing. She makes up her mind about what she wants and goes for it, full throttle. She's the type of girl I want to grow up and be just like.

I found myself explaining to Todd just why I chose the name Her Highness....
I named this blog The Hud-SONS, for obvious reasons. Okay, so mainly because I was trying to think of something creative and when I told my BFF, Lindy, I was creating a blog she is the one who said "Your name could be your title, since you have so many sons!" And since we have only one daughter, and she is so girly, I added "And One Pretty Princess." (After all this time, Lindy, it's time to give credit where credit is due. Props for the cute title.)
When I first started this blog, I was using our children's real names. Both, Bert and my Mother expressed their concerns for having our children plastered all over the internet. I tried to comfort them with the facts: 1. Anyone who kidnapped my children would surely return them. Quickly. 2. There are thousands of blogs with super cute children whose names, addresses, blood types, and social security numbers readily available. Much less homework involved there. 3. Kidnapping by strangers should not be a parent's primary concern; parents themselves perpetrate more than 98 percent of all kidnappings. (Don't be too impressed with that last sentence. I didn't just rattle it off... I copied it from
But still, to ease the fears of my loving husband and mother, I decided to use blog names. My own children don't even know how they are referred to. So, some crazy day when that wal-mart stalker my Granny sent a forward warning me about, who carries a razor and a wig, along with a change of clothes just my child's size, I'll be prepared. When the abductor hollers, "Hey! Thunder! Come over here for a sec and let me shave your head to throw the police off. This black hair dye will definitely cover that red hair... wait, you no longer have red hair cause I just shaved it all off in the bathroom. Let's make a break for the get away car!" Thunder won't know who the heck she is talking to, since he's never actually been called Thunder. Well, not to his face.
But back to Her Highness.... She's all girl and LOVES anything pink. She loves every Disney movie ever made and pretends often that she's trapped in a castle, waiting for Prince Charming to arrive. The Storm gladly plays along, one serving as the knight in shining armour, while the other two take turns being the fire blowing dragon and the mean sorcerer who has her trapped. When the child was only three, her favorite movie was Sleeping Beauty. She had us call her "The Queen" for many months because Aurora's mom is referred to simply as "The Queen" throughout the movie and that's who she wanted to be. At times she would not answer us if we didn't call her by that name. I would laugh at myself in the grocery store, imagining what folks passing by must think as I asked, "The Queen, would you like strawberry or blueberry yogurt?... The Queen, please quit royally smacking your little brother."
During this same phase at age three, the following conversation took place:
Me: The Queen! Time for lunch!
Her Highness: YUCK! I don't want hot dogs.
Me: Excuse me, Miss Priss?
Her Highness: I said, I don't want hot dogs. And you're suppose to say My Highness.
Me: I think you mean YOUR Highness.
Her Highness: That's what I said, MY Highness!
All of this combined is why the name "Her Highness" was given.
And now that you have invested 20 minutes of your life you can never have back, I need your help. I want to know, how do you feel about changing Her Highness' name? Would it make for better/easier reading and flow of future posts? Do you think I should leave well enough alone, and continue with Her Highness? Or, do you just not give a crap and think I have way too much time on my hands and not enough concern for real current affairs, like the new lineup on TLC which totally stinks, by the way. I seriously want to know your thoughts. Even if you've never commented before, give me a shout. I would love to hear from you! And I may even have a name suggestion contest. The winner will get something great... like a donation to our local thrift store in your honor... But not actually in your name, because we like to deduct junk like that. Don't judge, every penny counts when you got this many kids!


Barb Smith said...

Having raised a Pretty Princess myself, I say leave her name alone! It fits perfectly!

Jennifer said...

I've been reading your blog for like, ever. No idea how I even found it. I used to get really bored at work. All this to say...DO NOT CHANGE HER NAME! That's the whole point! She's the Calm before the storm! She's the princess! As a mother of first a girl and then two stinky, sticky, loud boys...ugh. My daughter will be a princess in my eyes forever. Have I mentioned my vote? Because my vote is that you DO NOT CHANGE HER NAME! But it's up to you :)

Sunshine said...

Hey Holly!

I think that you should keep her name as is. I think that it fits perfect and I can't imagine a better name for such a girlie girl. I mean, I understand how they think that it doesn't go with the meteorology flow however, she truly is your calm before the storm. I say keep it. :)

M said...

Must say that I have always loved the title as well as all the names you have chosen for your kiddos. I wouldn't change a thing! ;)

Dixie said...

I love it, definitely keep the name. Not only does her blog name fit her perfectly, but she is definitely set apart from The Storm! Just an example, when she came over recently, with most of The Storm, she was talking in her sweetest voice to K, and said, "hey K me and my stinky brothers came to see you!"

Love your blog, and I feel special that I got a shout out on this one. ha!

Love, L

Trace Car Driver said...

i have to agree with everyone else... don't change a thing! :) although i hate to miss out on the prize of such a cool contest, like having that donation made in my honor. HAHAHAHA. as always, love the blog holly! thanks for the laughs. oh, and when i have extra time, i ALWAYS watch tlc and discovery health! haven't had enough time to notice the line-up change though... :)

Brenda said...

I found your blog through a Facebook comment from someone at Roebuck Parkway. I love it!!! With teaching, I don't get a chance to read it every day, but when I do, it is priceless. Please tell me that you intend to use those writing skills for profit some day!! How about children's books? I would ask where you find the time to write, but i notice many are late at night. Do you ever sleep?
Keep her fact, don't change a thing. It's too much fun the way it is.

Jimmy said...

Hey, I think Her Highness is great. We have a Queenie in the family as well - Erica! She was always been our snooty-toot and very easily embarrassed (she's becoming less so with age, thankfully). Nicknames can definitely change with age...but sometimes they don't, ie. Austin has been Goose since he's been big enough to walk! And, I've been Jimmy for the past seven years, and I love it! &=)

Anonymous said...

Don't change a thing!!! Your blog is wonderful just the way it is! I think the names you have picked describe them all wonderfully! =)
Hope the rainy day did not make things too crazy in your house...mine has been a little on the wild side today!

Whitney said...

I love the name of your blog! Please don't change it!! And I agree that you should write books, but not just for children, for adults too! Either way, I'd buy them! :)

brooke said...

i like it. it totally seems to fit her! keep it! :)

Dana said...

Well I'm obviously late on this one but it looks like the verdict is in. I say that unless not being a part of the weather is going to plunge her into a lifetime of being a fish out of the water, if it's not broke, don't fix it!

Runnin' Mommy said...

I LOVE her name! I agree with the others, it fits her perfectly!!!