Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wishful thinking while "widing" bikes.

Most of our afternoons are spent riding bikes in the "fwont ward" as Hail calls it.

A few days ago we went outside to find all the dandelions in full bloom. Lightning immediately began picking them to make a beautiful bouquet for me. Her Highness scolded him, "You know we're not supposed to pick pretty flowers! If we pick them, they will die and we won't get to look at them!" I laughed and explained that rule was only intended for other people's yards. People who actually worked to have real flower beds and gardens.

Lightning then picked up a dandelion that was ready for a wish and a blow.... He held it up high and closed his eyes tightly. Boldly, with his husky little voice, he made his wish, "I wish... I wish... that Momma was pretty!" He opened his eyes wide, with an excited smile, to see if his wish had come true yet. He ran over to hug me and said, "Momma! I made a wish for you!" "I know, I heard." I said laughing.

Her Highness was insulted on my behalf, "That was mean! Momma can't help it!"

I knew what Lightning meant. He wasn't saying that he thought I was ugly. He was just trying to wish something sweet on my behalf. Apparently, Her Highness doesn't think I'm purdy. I guess I need to show her just how hot I was back in the day.

A couple of days later, while I was lying on my stomach watching tv, Hail jumped on my back and started poking at my bubble butt that now rests a little higher (and possibly wider) than it once did. I started laughing and said, "Quit tickling me!" Hail said, "I'm trying to push all dat air outta your butt!" He was serious.

Sigh. Could you please pass the oreos?


brooke said...

Ha!!! That's hilarious....my kids say things like that all the time. I'm just waiting for the day they ask me..."mommy whey are you bigger than daddy?" Oh...don't you wish we still had arranged marriages? We could definitely set up at least one of our kiddos with each other.

Kate said...

Thanks for making my rotten day so much better with your hilarious stories! Love you!

tarheelmom said...

So funny, but Thin Mints are better for bubble butts than oreos...thus the word "Thin" Mints. I nearly ate a sleeve just to celebrate spring the other day & feeling thinner already!