Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Perpetual Procrastinator's Post

Our house is upside down. We're moving Thunder out of his room with Lightning, and into his own room, which has served as our "catch-all" AKA: Office, for the past two years. Think Hoarders, but just in that one room. Is it sad that I watch that show and understand just how an entire house can look like that?? I don't have the emotional ties those folks do, matter of fact, I would LOVE for a team of experts to come and throw away 27 bags of our junk. But, to the people who suffer with hoarding, I do understand how quickly trash can mate and multiply to create a black hole effect on a house. Which is exactly what our "office" was to our home.

So, Bert and I rolled up our sleeves a few days ago and attacked. Now, everything that was in that room is out in the living room. Nice. Oh, and our dishwasher died last week too. Plus, you know I've never once been caught up on laundry, not since the day Bert and I said, "I do." So, what am I doing this morning... blogging. Needless to say, this post is filled with randomness, since it's actually just being used as a time killer, until Bert returns from taking Her Highness to school and asks, "What have you been doing while I was gone?" And I will lie and say something about how Flash Flood pooped every where and the boys were driving me crazy, which isn't necessarily a lie, but more of a stretch since all of those things have happened since he left, but it still hasn't kept me from wasting time on the com-pooter.

Flash Flood is doing great. As of yesterday, he is officially five months old, and working hard on holding his own bottle. Can't imagine why he would want to do such a thing. Do you think these pictures go against the rule "Never prop a bottle?" Thunder and Lightning both love to feed Flash Flood and are super sports about it when I'm trying to get 84,000 other things done. Flash Flood is also rolling over now, though none of us have actually witnessed it. There have been a ton of times that I've left him in one position, and come back to him in another. Stinker pot, one of these days I hope to catch him rolling.

Hail and Lightning have both given up their "assies." I know, I know. Waaay past time for that, but I didn't care. It kept them quiet and helped them go to sleep at night. And no, none of the pediatrician recommended reasons are why we quit. I'm such a rebel. We only quit because I'm lazy and got sick and tired of hunting them down, night and day. I quit searching for them, and buying new ones and suddenly we were down to only one. When it got down to the final passie, Lightning and Hail would hide it from each other, and then ask, "Hey Momma, where is Hail?" Once the coast was clear, Lightning would pull it out from under his mattress/couch cushion/sock drawer/etc and stick it in his mouth. Hail did this too. Hilarious, until finally that one disappeared too. It actually wasn't near as bad as I thought it would be. They've only asked a few times, mostly when they were super sleepy. I keep finding passies in silly places, but quickly stick it in my pocket until I can sneak it to the bottom of the trash.

Last picture of Hail with a passie. Which reminds me, Hail is now pumping his legs and can swing by himself. I'm a little sad, I'll admit. Why do they have to grow up so fast??

These last pictures are from a series titled, "Bedtime is Drawing Near." This is exactly what Bert and the kids do every night before they go to bed. And this is exactly what my living room looks like by the end of the day. And many times at the start of the next day. Clothes, dishes, toys, cereal, you name it.

Bert will lay on his stomach to watch something on tv and all the kids will pile on top of him. It's sort of like King of the Mountain. Who ever makes it to the top will holler, "I'm the winner!" Bert will start to roll over, which causes them all to fall down. And squeal. And giggle. And belly laugh. And squeal some more. Until some one gets hurt. Then, an all out brawl ensues. It's all fun and games until some one gets hurt.


M said...

That princess is you made over!!! I still can't get over how much she looks like you! I love the pics with the pacies. Takes me back to those days with pacies hidden in every drawer in every room to make sure we had extras!! Didn't want to be caught without one!

Dixie said...

Those last pictures will be some of your best memories. One day the kids will be grown and gone, and your living room will be spotless! You will look back on these pictures and remember how much fun these days were. However, I think the boys will always like to wrestle their Dad, so he better not plan on getting out of shape anytime soon. ha!

That chik-fil-a box must be empty because surely one of them would be going after it. ha!

Kiera said...

Girl, you make me feel right at home... It's just kind of sad that my house looks like that and I only have 1 kid right now, I think you're doing great to have 5 and it still look like that! :) Really the only thing that matters is they all have a smile on their cute little faces and they know they are loved!! You're awesome. Keep it up!

Shannon and Andrew said...

I can't believe Hail is pumping his legs. we are trying to get Ty to pump his but he flat out refuses. I told him the other day that he's going to have to do it before the baby gets here because I can't keep spending 30 minutes at a time pushing him on the swing. Can we just come hang out with you and let your kids teach him?

Jennifer said...

My daughter just learned how to pump her legs- can you say HEAVEN? Especially because she wants to swing for hours. Literally. And my kids still sleep with pacis too, so you're ahead of at least one mama out there. How do you load your pics up two by two like that? It looks super cute!

tarheelmom said...

love the pile-up! it must be a "tv-time-for-dad-pile-on-him-before-bed" ritual. with 5...your poor hubby might not stand a chance in a few years! right now we only have 3 "king of the mountain" contenders. can't wait until we have four. aahh...memories