Friday, April 23, 2010

Tears of the Saints

Someone very dear to me sent this my way. These images are haunting. And I can't get the final quote out of my head:

"Having seen all this you can choose to look the other way, but you can never say again, 'I did not know.'" -William Wilberforce

Even though I can't make a difference financially, because let's face it, we're already on a super tight budget, I can do something that is even more powerful. And guess what... it's FREE. Please PRAY with me for these lost souls. And those who are trying so hard to reach them. The missionaries that head to those areas are some of the bravest people on this planet.

As you head to your place of worship over the weekend, please think of how blessed we are as a nation, to have the freedom to worship any where and any way we choose. All without being persecuted. Or even having an eyebrow raised in your direction. Freedom-- to love the Lord. And as you head to your Church service on Sunday morning without worrying who may see you, and arrest you, please say a quick prayer for those who aren't allowed to do the same.


aprildfox said...

Thank you Holly. Sometimes I forget that I need to pray for the lost souls more than I do. We live in a great nation that (as of right now at least) allows us to worship freely. Thank you for that reminder!!

God Bless!!!

Dixie said...

Wow! There are so many people in this world who deal with such pain and agony everyday of their life. I am so ashamed that I don't think of them, and pray for them everyday of my life. Thank you for sharing!

Love, L

Whitney said...

Well put Holly. We are truly blessed to be able to Worship any way we choose, and let us not forget why we have that freedom! I think one of my favorite sayings is, "Have you thanked a soldier today?". Thank you for reminding me as well, that it's not only our fellow Christians we should pray for, it's those who don't know Christ!