Sunday, April 18, 2010

Boys (and prissy girls) of Summer

T-ball Season is here again...

We love being at the ball park. Which is a good thing since it looks like much of my future will be spent there. Her Highness and Thunder are on the same team again this year. Which is nice, sine Her Highness is also taking tap and ballet lessons, and has a social life that tops mine at age 29. Taxi cab driver-- I recently updated my profession on Facebook.

Her Highness came to me before their first game and complained, "Momma, it's just not fair I have to wear these ugly gray pants and jersey! It's not my fault I have to play on a team with stinky ol' boys!!" After she threw her hand over her forehead and fainted on the couch from disgust, I told her that she may make a few slight modifications to the uniform...

She was much happier. Bert stopped her before leaving and said, "You know, it's called a UNIFORM for a reason." I told him not to bother. She would play better if she was more comfortable. And we all know Her Highness is most comfortable in pearls, a tiara, high heels, and a ball gown. She is a good little ball player though.

Thunder is having a ton of fun too. So far, he's only run the wrong way once.
He makes friends quickly, and is enjoying telling jokes in the dugout. I love that Thunder is not yet old enough to be embarrassed by me, and still truly seeks my applause. During one game, Thunder nearly made a play on third, turned to the crowd and hollered, "Hey, Momma! MOMMA! Did you see that??? I caught the ball and almost got him out! Did you see it???!" Oh, he melts my heart! These boys have a way with their Momma, just as Her Highness does her Daddy. Sometimes Thunder will be waiting his turn in the dugout and will come to the end and holler, "Momma! Momma!" Once he has my attention, all he'll do is wave. I just love it. Then, as quickly as he came, he'll go back to being silly with his team. Sweet boy.
Bert is coaching the team again. I think he'll always want to coach in some capacity. He loves the game, he loves kids, and he loves playing outside. Once upon a time, Bert played some pro ball. That was before he decided to hang up his cleats and join the really exciting world of Certified Public Accountants. And who could blame him? CPA's have all the fun. And get the girls. Rock star status, most definitely. Bert didn't realize he was trading the life of a pro athlete for the life of a circus ring leader, but I'm sure glad he did. He's the best thing that's ever happened to me, along with the circus we've created to tag along.
Lightning, Hail and Flash Flood enjoy cheering on their big sis and bro. Lightning and Hail beg to sit in the "dug-wout" with the team. Hail drags his own bat to each game, in hopes of getting some playing time. Lightning is most happy if I let him go to the concession stand by himself (six feet away from where I'm sitting, with me watching like a hawk every second) to buy a ring pop for him and Hail. Best fifty cents I can spend each week. Ring pops keep their little mouths, and hands busy for a while. By the end they are covered in colorful, sticky goo, but I don't mind. They have to go home and go straight to the bath anyway, because after the game they like to go out on the field to run the bases, which leaves them covered in red mud.
Just like last year, we're having a ball and trying to soak up every moment. Hope your Spring has been as fun as ours so far!


Whitney said...

Sounds like y'all are having a "ball"! ;) What a great way to start the summer! Glad y'all are having fun!

Voice of Reason said...

Poor kids! Hopefully soccer will come to your town soon.

Dixie said...

Her Highness is one of the prettiest ball players I've ever seen! Didn't know you could make a ball uniform look so cute. ha! Thunder will show all the cool kids you are never to "cool" to yell at your Momma from the ball field. ;)

Lisa said...

Love the tricked out uniform. She is too cute - may start a new trend in uniforms