Sunday, February 22, 2009

Should I Be Concerned?

Her Highness recently informed me that she's been praying EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for a baby sister.
Should I be concerned?

My kids LOVE "30 Minute Meals" with Rachel Ray. One day, Rachel had on a very low cut top... make that most days. While she was chopping chives, Thunder noticed her wardrobe, and hoped for a malfunction. "Momma, I can see she's (his pronouns are horrible) boobies!" To which I replied, "No you can't! Quit that nonsense now." A few moments later, while Rachel was stirring a pot of soup, he said, "What if her shirt fell off into that soup. Then I could see she's boobies!" He is only four years old. Should I be concerned?? Later that night when I was telling Bert about Thunder's obsession with Rachel Ray's "boobies" Bert simply stated, "She is pretty cute." Seriously, should I be concerned?

Lightning has insisted on wearing a "stuper-huro" shirt and underwear for nearly three months straight. If I don't have both, a clean shirt and pair of underwear ready for him each day, he has a complete meltdown. He has spent much of his time in a full Spider-man costume, mask and all. My Mom tried to help with this obsession and bought him a Spider-man jacket and Batman shoes over the weekend. He now wants to sleep in the shoes. Should I be concerned??

Hail, at 16 months old, couldn't care less about his parents' discipline tactics. Earlier this week he stood on the kitchen table, looked straight at Bert and me and said, "Awww dun." (All done.) Then, threw a glass on the floor and broke it... for the third time in two weeks. As Bert headed towards the table, he stated "You are going to get a spankin'. You did that on purpose." Hail then turned sideways, so we could see his profile, placed his chubby little toddler hand on his chubby little toddler bottom, and patted it several times with a "na-na-na." HUGE smile on his face. Should I be concerned?

I have always been a huge day dreamer. I had all of my high school teachers fooled. I would stare right into their eyes, and nod occasionally, so they would think I was listening. All while I was day dreaming about how wonderful life would be as an adult: No school. Glamorous career. World traveler. Cocktails on the beach. I now find myself day dreaming, as The STORM does further damage to the backyard, I drink a cocktail on the patio, just to sedate myself long enough to accept this career as glamorous and the fact that I am a world traveler, but it is as the chauffeur to my five year old who has a better social life than me.
Should I be concerned??


Dixie said...

No! One girl, THREE boys, enough said!

Love, Dixie
p.s. Thanks for making me feel better about disciplining a 17mos. old and how he could care less, and in fact will just spank himself, because Luke does the same thing. I have been wondering if I should be concerned.

Voice of Reason said...

Perhaps if you would have listened to your teachers in school you wouldn't have all of those kids in the first place.

Dana said...

I would be most concerned about number one at this point. That is how I ended up with the second child. Emma had her whole preschool class praying. I guess I can owe the blessing of our little Chloe to 16 faithful three year olds. Those big sister prayers carry a lot of weight.

The other things are normal kid things but if you don't take care of number one, you're going to have MORE normal kid things!

Kiera said...

You crack me up and concerned?? I'm not sure if that's the word. ;) You're a great mom and have a perfect little family! Love you!

McKinney Madness said...

Nah... all boys are obsessed with boobies. :)

Shekinah Glory said...

Oh come on, you were daydreaming about Matt Kirkland in high school.

Jimmy said...

...and no. ALLLLLLLL guys (kid-size, all the way up to old man-aged) love bewbies. I also always cringe at this, but for some reason, mounds of flesh drives them mad. Well, check out THIS read-end....


Cindy said...

I know you won't find this at all encouraging, but Cooper will still look at me, pat his bottom and do the whole "na na na na" thing. He's seven! And, he's also a total boobie boy. Must be a guy thing. Apparently, it's just in their DNA.

As for the little sister... Coop wants one too. He's grown weary of his big sister. Seems that a teenager isn't what he was hoping for! He asks me at least once a week when we're going to have a little brother or sister. He then goes on to list all of the reasons that he'd make a good big brother. He's even claimed that dirty diapers wouldn't bother him. I think that's only because he's never had to deal with a dirty diaper. And, we have no plans to put his claims to the test either!

Hmmm... maybe I should send him over and let him "big brother" the storm?! No, wait, that's not fair to you. If I did that, you really would have to be concerned! ;-)