Monday, February 16, 2009

The Snaggle Tooth Princess Attends Her First Royal Ball

Lucy lost her first tooth last week, and her second over the weekend. She now has a slight lisp, which I find quite adorable. She was thrilled when she found the "Toof Thairy" left a whole dollar along with a note explaining that $1 would be left only for teeth that meet the Fairy Standards. Teeth that don't comply will only get 25 cents. So far this technique has helped with the fit throwing at bedtime when the topic of brushing teeth was approached.

Lucy's last pic with all her baby teeth

The Snaggle Tooth Princess was taken to a Royal Ball with the King last Thursday. Our town's Parks & Rec center holds a fund raiser each year called "Daddy Daughter Date Night." Bert and Lucy attended this year and had a blast. They danced for nearly two hours straight. Before they left for the night, I wanted to take some pics of Lucy all dressed up. As you can see, she thought my picture taking was a little obnoxious. I think my parents have some of me making the EXACT same faces before one of my proms. Bert bought Lucy a corsage to wear, since this was an extra fancy occasion. I thought she would be all over that, since it was PINK. She looked down at it and said, "Umm, Mom. This may have been in style when you were five, but I don't think it is anymore." Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome the future host of "What Not to Wear."
As they were walking out the door, I was reminded once again as to why I married Bert in the first place. I always knew he would be an incredible Father. I over heard him say to Lucy, "I'm the luckiest Daddy who will be there." "Why" she asked, excitedly. "Because I have the prettiest date by far."

This was not the first "date" for Bert and Lucy. Bert has always enjoyed taking her out, just the two of them, and plans to make it a regular occurrence so that one day when Lucy is old enough to date (yikes) she will know how a girl is supposed to be treated. Bert has other ideas to help keep down the worry during the dating years. Besides bench pressing 300 lbs as her date walks into the house, he plans to always make Lucy go "Dutch." This is so no boy would "expect" anything in return. With a Daddy like hers, and three brothers right behind her, I don't think we will ever have to worry about any boy getting fresh with Lucy! Especially since her brothers have had so much practice rescuing their favorite damsel in distress.


Supabloggasuprememama said...

Lucy looks JUST LIKE YOU!!!! I have probably said that a million times now, but she does! All your kids are so cute. and the date is precious. ;)

Kiera said...

So sweet!! You both are such wonderful parents!! I just hope I have one girl in the mix so David gets to experience the daddy/daughter stuff! ;) Love ya girl!

Voice of Reason said...

"Because I have the prettiest date by far." Perhaps if parents such as you didn't focus on your daughters looks there would be more leadership opportunities for women in our society.

Holly said...

Dear Voice of Reason... You make me laugh. I think I know who you are, and I would like to say, perhaps you're just jealous that you don't have a little girl to tell she's pretty. :-)

Cindy said...

You tell 'em Holly! What the heck Voice of Reason! Lucy is a gorgeous AND smart AND has wonderful parents.

I happen to have seen Bert at work the day of the big date and he was so sweet. Nothing like seeing the love of a daddy for his little girl. It's so precious.

He and Russell were both discussing the big night. Bert's first daddy/daughter dance and Russell's last. I think Russell was a bit jealous that Bert has about 11 more years to enjoy this wonderful event.

I remember all the pictures I took the first year Jay and Jordan went. She too had a corsage and I'm sure I took way to many pictures for her liking. The best part though was watching Jay teach her to dance in our living room. He went all old school with some "couple skate" song by Earth, Wind and Fire.

It's still one of my favorite memories of the two of them. I hope that it's one of Jordan's too. I know her daddy will always remember it.

What would our lives be without our pretty pink princess and prissy sissy? I can't even bare to imagine.

Jessa Mullen said...

WHat a great thing to do.. How special for Bert and Lucy to have a "date"..
** Kids with teeth missing are so cute !!! She is really growing up.