Monday, February 2, 2009

Spoiled. Rotten.

Jack: "Momma, I need a NEW Buzz Lightyear."

Me: "Um, Honey, Santa Clause just came a few weeks ago and brought you tons of new stuff. And, your birthday is not until November, so you're going to have to wait a while on that."

Jack: "No, I'm not. Let's go to Target and get me one. One with wings that pop out and can fly."

Me: "Jack, money doesn't grow on trees. (yet another thing I swore would never come out of my mouth as a Mother) And besides, you have tons of toys to play with in your room. Go play."

Jack: "Just go to the store and get some money!"

Me: "That's not how it works. You have to take the money to the store first... then buy the stuff you need. And you don't NEED a new Buzz Lightyear."

Jack: "But, I WANT one. Just go to Target!"

Me: "You are acting like a spoiled rotten kid. Do you realize how hard your Daddy works for us to have the things we do? Do you know how many kids will never live in a house as nice as yours? Do you know there are children all over this world that would love to have half as many toys as you have just in your toy box? Not to mention all the stuff that's strewn all over the place! Daddy works very, very hard at his job to make us money to have all of these nice things, and you are acting like you don't appreciate any of it! Blah, blah, blah... "

I'm sure the grown-up voice from Charlie Brown was all Jack was hearing at this point during my spoiled brat lecture. Jack finally walked away, sulking, and went to play in his room. Several hours later, Bert came home for lunch.

Bert: "Hey guys! I'm hungry. What have you all been up to today?"

Jack: "Daddy, can you please go in your office and do some e-mails and stuff."

Bert: "Why Buddy?"

Bert and I both were perplexed at this request since Jack is usually the happiest to see his Daddy home from work.

Jack: "Just go in there and do some work e-mails and stuff."
(This is all Jack understands about the computer: e-mail and Webkinz)

Bert: "I don't understand."

Jack: "Well, I want a new Buzz Lightyear. Can you please go back to work now?"

Totally missed my point. Why do I even bother?


Tesney said...

Now that's're in trouble.

Kiera said...

Hilarious!!! Man I wish you had a hidden camera in your house and had a constant live feed... I would have to quit my job!! :) Love and miss you!

Dana said...

Oh yes, I've had similar conversations.

My hope is that just as my mother has, I will one day hear them say those same things to their children, then I'll know that I was successful.

Cindy said...

They are just too darn smart! That's so funny Holly. I've tried having similar conversations with Cooper, but he just says, "Well, there's money at the bank, so go there." Even Sissy (who will be 16 this month) still believes that the money fairy magically deposits large sums of money for her at the First National Bank of Dad and Cindy. Instead of a debit card though, she makes her withdrawals like this:


Jay: Get in the car. Cindy, I'm taking Jordan to the store, bank, and wherever else teenage girls go that cost money.

Me: Seriously?!

Jay: What? She needs a gazillion dollars.

Me: Seriously?!

Jay: What? She said she really needed it.

Me: Frustrated sigh...